SPACEONE Sets Record For Digital Wearable Price in Decentraland:
Virtual Wearable Jacket Bought For $17,000; Now Worth $60,000

Designer Nick Grahams First Collaboration With Banquet and Dapp Craft
Take Metaverse Wearables To New Heights.

New York, New York: December 13th, 2021: A golden bomber jacket created in celebration of the
Apollo 11 moon landing designed by Nick Graham for SPACEONE Industries was sold for 20,000 MANA, the crypto currency exclusive to Decentraland. Based on the increase of MANA in the last 30 days, the jacket is now worth $60,000. Decentraland is a leading 3D virtual reality platform in the ever expanding Metaverse.

“This clearly shows that the Metaverse community is reacting positively to items of relevance. People are looking to stand out in the virtual crowd, and this jacket proves that.” Spaceone CEO Nick Graham said. “The combination of the real-world universe and the virtual metaverse are a perfect combination.”

The jacket was made in collaboration with Banquet, a digital metaverse wearable studio and Dapp Craft a full-cycle agency that creates experiences for Metaverses. the jacket is inspired by the historic event ot Apollo 11 landing on the moon. This global team of collaborators re-created the Apollo 11 landing in Decentraland complete with a lunar lander and astronauts exiting the capsule where the wearables are displayed on the lunar landscape.

SPACEONE is currently developing more products for Decentraland and is also opening a Spaceport in January which will allow peoples Avatars to digitally fly to the International Space Station, circle the world at 17,500 MPH and return back to the Spaceport. The trip tele-metrics will be digitally recorded in the Avatars profile as proof of the trip. The company is planning weekly flights and reservations will be open in January.

SPACEONE Industries apparel will be launched in the real-world next year.

November 29, 2021 — Glen Schanen