Between the emerging space industry (including space tourism and hospitality), the VTOL industry, and the dramatic advancements in passenger aircraft and electric automobiles we are going through a revolution in innovation never been seen before.

The design of new spacecraft, aircraft and vehicles is both futuristic and modern, and so should be the uniforms of all the employees below the wing, in the main cabin and “above the cockpit”, which is what we call apparel for space travel. This innovation in style also extends to airlines or other transportation companies needing an upgrade of their look, and by combining sustainability and modern design, SPACEONE delivers forward thinking and wearable products for all sectors. 

SPACEONE also produces consumer products for  Earthbound Astronauts, who we call “Terranauts”, people who are fans of the development of space but may not leave the planet. This extends from streetwear, outerwear and other products.