Not since the Apollo program has there been this much activity in the space industry. With the increased exploration of deep space combined with the rapidly growing orbital commercial sector, the industry is going through an unprecedented stage of growth. We are now at a crossroads to the future.

Though space travel is still out of reach to all but a very few, the fact that it is now becoming a reality is creating a cultural momentum. With the advent of space tourism, new spacecraft, new space stations and the potential of extra-terrestrial colonies; so too are the needs of advanced design in flight suits, on-station/inflight apparel and other products. But the market size is not limited to the 600+ people who have been to space, but includes the 7.8 billion people living on Earth.

If we are truly to become an interplanetary species, then by refining and developing processes for zero-impact solutions is imperative. Every resource we use must have the ability to be re-used. As we are learning on our own planet, consumption has consequences. Just as the Apollo program created scientific innovations that have had significant benefits to our society, so too will this new space age, with technologies that can have positive effects on our civilization for years to come.

By using advanced science and innovative design, SPACEONE is committed to minimize our footprint of not only the future planets we will explore, but also on the planet that we call home.